Homelessness in Chapel Hill

The Situation

In 2018, Orange County found that on the night of the Point in Time Homelessness count there were 152 homeless individuals in Orange County. These people were predominantly male, adults, and disproportionately black.  The number of people experiencing Chronic Homelessness, meaning they suffer from a disability and have been homeless for over 1 year, has been steadily decreasing since 2011. However, while nationally and statewide total homelessness is decreasing, the total number of people experiencing homelessness is actually increasing in Chapel Hill. Essentially, Chapel Hill is failing to prevent homelessness.

The Strategy

Orange County prioritizes housing for the most vulnerable, (meaning most likely to die). When individuals with the greatest need receive housing first, they are given a safe and stable environment in which they can dedicate the time and energy towards combatting mental health struggles and addiction as well as and generating an income. This strategy is based on years of research and has proven to be the most effective way to combat homelessness.

How to Help

 If you would like to donate your time to combating homelessness in our county please explore the following sites:

Community Empowerment Fund

Project Connect

Point in Time Count

Inter-faith Council


Orange County's Habitat for Humanity If you would like to donate to an organization making affordable housing more prevalent in Orange County we recommend you consider donating to chapter, or attending Mixed Concrete, an art sale that raises money for affordable housing in Orange County

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