Financial assistance for people on the edge of homelessness to stay in their homes

 Diversion was one of the central gaps in homelessness assistance in Chapel Hill.

Before CPHI, stable funding for diversion did not exist in Chapel Hill. 


With the help of our partner organizations and donors, we were able to divert 23% of all potential instances of homelessness in Chapel Hill. The national benchmark for a successful program is around 20%.


CPHI was able to keep 32 households out of homelessness during the 2018-2019 school year, for an average cost of around $300 per incident. 


Q: What is the difference between diversion and prevention?

A: DIversion is one portion of prevention. Prevention is the overall strategy to avoid homelessness while a diversion effort is employed three days before or two weeks after experiencing homelessness. 


Q: How many people in Chapel Hill are homeless? 

A: 152 were homeless on the day of the 2017 count but up to 250 people experience homelessness in Chapel Hill every year. 


Q: What is an example of a FOF diversion effort? 

A: An individual in Chapel Hill will become homeless if they cannot travel to live with their family in New York. CHPI purchases a bus ticket for them, enabling them to reach their family and secure stable housing. 


Q: Are all potential homelessness cases in Chapel Hill divertable?

A: No, around 20% of all cases are divertable. 


Q: How much does each diversion case cost?

A: Every case is different. Efforts can range from buying a week's worth of groceries to ease tension within a household to paying an individual's utility bill to avoid eviction. 


Q: Which city is particularly skilled at diversion?

A: Cleveland, Ohio has an exceptional diversion system, diverting around 25% of all homelessness cases. CHPI aims to meet this standard. 

Q: How good is Focus on Franklin?

A: Since our creation, Carolina Homelessness Prevention Initiative has successfully diverted 23% of cases in Orange County, beating the national average in our first year!

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